Vampire Birthday Party

Blah, Blah, Blah.

Hotel Transylvania is the current favorite movie of our oldest granddaughter. She comes over every Saturday night for a pajama party and, for the last two months, we’ve been watching either Hotel Transylvania or Hotel Transylvania 2 for our party. You’d think we’d be tired of it.

Apparently not.

This is my Birthday Weekend and, although I’m an Old, birthdays haven’t lost their appeal for me. My last few birthdays have all had a princess theme (Elsa, Ariel, etc.), so it’s fun to change tracks and plan a vampire party.

Eileen desperately wanted to be Mavis for the party and we were fortunate to be able to throw together a sort-of Mavis outfit for her. The leggings were an unusual color and hard to find. Amazingly, my husband found them at Old Navy for 47 cents. Yep, you read that right. We bought an oversize black t-shirt at Walmart and red Converse high top runners at Brown’s Shoes for $35.

Shopping for scary stuff outside of Hallowe’en can be a bit of a challenge. Black tablecloths, plates, streamers, etc. were readily available at Walmart and Party City, but skulls and skeletons were more difficult. Luckily we have an ample supply of Hallowe’en supplies.

You can check out my Hotel Transylvania Pinterest board here.

Here are some of the things you’ll find there:


Pin the Teeth on Dracula

Hotel Transylvania (Mis)Fortune Teller (we always called them cootie catchers and they’re as popular with kids as they always have been)


Vampire Floats

Scream Cheese

Coffin Spinach Dip

Coffin Spinach Dip

Skeleton Ribs and Intestines


Hot Dog Spiders and Mummies

And I ran across this, which looks kinda fun:

Hotel Transylvania Ring Tone


Because this was a last minute party planning, I didn’t have time to put together a craft for it, but here are some links to patterns I’m looking at making for our next vampire party:

Vlad the Vampire Bat – this is really cute and comes with a cool little bit of backstory from the creator of the pattern.

A Minion Vampire

Vampire Bat



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