Crocheting 101: New Stitches, New Patterns

For me, one of the rewards of a lifetime of crocheting is discovering new stitches and building new patterns. It’s always a lot of work, learning to perfect a new stitch and then incorporating in to a new pattern, but the results are usually well worth the effort.

Creating a pattern is always an invigorating journey. There’s detail work, to be sure, but at the end of the process, there’s a tangible creation to claim as one’s own. I’m sure different creators have different methods, but I find I have a standard three step process:

  1. Brainstorming the pattern – this is a physical brainstorm session, as well as a mental one. With a general idea of what I want the end product to look like – maybe even drawn out on paper – I’ll commit the idea to yarn. As I create, I’ll discover little roadblocks or challenges along the way, things I hadn’t anticipated. Or maybe I’ll discover that something looks better done this way instead of that.

If it’s a simple pattern, I might make one, but a complicated pattern will require a lot more time and effort at this brainstorming stage.

2. Work the pattern, documenting every step along the way. I have a working template where I can plug in instructions, links, videos, tips, and pictures. I want to engage as many sources of information and methods of description as possible. For some, the best instructions might be the word on the page, but for others a video describing the stitch might be what gets the job done. This stage might also take several run-throughs of the pattern before it’s complete.

3.  And finally, the third step. I make the item using the step by step instuctions, often more than once, just to make sure I haven’t missed anything. At this point, I’ll often ask fellow crafters to take a run at my pattern. There’s nothing like a fresh set of eyes and hands to find any omissions and ambiguity in a pattern.



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