July 4th Cookout: Not Just for Humans Anymore

Eeeeeek! My sister just made a series of grill outfits (apron, chef’s hat, grill mitts) for 18 inch dolls. My favorite – and the one I’ll likely buy or steal for my granddaughter’s doll – is the featured image above.

It got me thinking about what kinds of accessories (and by accessories I mean food, grills, etc.) would be available to either buy or make. I’m big on DIY for gifts, but realistic about my skills and competencies.

Available on Etsy here is a bonafide American Girl doll grill, and at a reasonable price, in my opinion. Unfortunately, it’s only available in the United States, but the upside for American readers is that the shop does custom orders of its products. No 18 inch doll need go without her very own grill this Independence Day.

It was a little difficult to tear myself away from this shop – Lemon Bay Doll Co – which markets itself as making adventure toys for 18 inch dolls. Some seriously cool stuff here. The grill is part of the Adventures in Camping section, which also features a picnic table, a picnic basket, and – ERMAGHERD! (my daughter hates it when I say that) – backpacks and bedrolls!  I. Want.

This site also features an Adventures in Boating and Adventures in Gardening that are just gorgeous. Full disclosure: I have no idea who this person is and have never seen the shop before today, BUT I WANT TO BE THEIR BEST FRIEND.


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