The Heat is ON – Grill Accessories for Your 18 Inch Doll

Ok, maybe I’m a little obsessive.

After my last post on the grill out for my granddaughter’s doll to celebrate July 4th (we’re Canadian, but ANY excuse for a cookout!), I couldn’t stop looking at accessories to go with the outfits.

First step? The grill, of course. Here’s a step-by-step Youtube video on exactly how to make that grill yourself.Written instuctions can be found here.

Paper plates and cups? Find a how-to video here. Written instructions for the plates here, and written instructions for the cups here.

What’s left? Food, of course! Find the directions for a pitcher of lemonade here and hamburger (the DIY video is for a lunch tray that includes a hamburger, but I think you can adapt it for a grill). Stay tuned, I’ll be adding more as I discover them.

Edited to add: here’s another burger tutorial.

Not the crafty kind? A full up bonafide American Doll campstove and food is available here at the AG store, and you can purchase a chef’s grill outfit from Etsy.

full shot  AG Grill Outfit   full shot

Please note, we are in Canada, so allow for plenty of shipping time if you order a grill outfit for July 4th (or any other special date).


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