Crafts: The Ultimate Spa Experience

So. Those adult coloring books. Who knew?

Crafters did. Always. There’s something about the creative expression of … creating. Whether it’s a colored picture or a handmade tutu for your daughter’s dance class or a crocheted pullover for your grandson. The process of doing something with your own hands and of seeing the finished product, is so emotionally and mentally satisfying. Like the endorphins after a good work out, something happens internally to make you just feel better.

My mother used to make (sew, knit, crochet) gifts for us and for her grandchildren. I kept the ones they especially liked and when my first granddaughter was born, I gave her the jacket my mother had knitted for her mother. When my son and his wife have their first child, I’ll give him the dinosaur pullover his grandmother knitted for him when he was five. These will be our family heirlooms, the riches we pass down, the gifts planned, crafted, and carried out with love and care.

So yeah, I prefer crocheting to housework. It relaxes me, it gives the recipients pleasure, and it makes me immortal. Cleaning the bathroom toilet is for mortals. 😉


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