Making Cupcakes for Your 18 Inch Doll

The other day I came home from work to see my husband puttering in his workshop, making a giant wooden cupcake for our granddaughter’s birthday next week.

Our granddaughter has a bedtime ritual that we adore. When you tuck her in, she says, “Dream About Cupcakes!”. She’s been doing it for a couple of years and recently she upgraded it to, “Dream that you’re in Disney World and it’s your birthday and you’re eating your favorite cupcake”. I love that kid.

Watching my husband etching “I love you more than cupcakes” onto his giant cupcake gave me an idea. Why not make some (fake) cupcakes for her 18 inch doll?

Doncha love the Internet? Everything you want, whenever you want it.

Including cupcakes for dolls.

You’ve got three quick options below: make it yourself, buy a commercial set, or buy off an Etsy vendor.

Cupcakes make from the lids of toothpaste tubes (brilliant idea, I’ll have to remember to keep these lids). Also on this site you’ll find wedding cakes, milkshakes, donuts, and Oreo cookies.

I was quickly distracted by this tea set, including sweets, for 18 inch dolls. Why, oh why was I not born fabulously wealthy???

Dreamy Dolls Life on Etsy carries an amazing 47 piece dessert set that includes: 4 colorful cupcakes, 4 sprinkled donuts, 4 decorative petit fours, 1 chocolate bon bon, 1 cherry chocolate mousse, 1 chocolate mousse torte, a three tiered display rack, a serving tray, serving tool, bakery tongs, 4 plates, 4 forks, 4 spoons, 4 knives, 4 lace trimmed napkins, and 8 paper napkins.


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