Dinner & a Craft: Cranberry Backpack

This blogpost kicks off my “Dinner & a Craft” series, wherein I attempt to merge my love of food and crafts in some kind of integrated manner. 🙂

It’s Monday night and time to work on a new project to wow the visiting Littles on the weekend. I’m venturing away from crocheting today to attempt a project I’ve seen and loved from the blog of Doll Diaries. Lots of fabulous ideas here, but the one that caught me immediate attention was the backpack.

Duck Tape Backpack

First a bit about Duck Tape. It’s come a long ways since I was making my own pewter coloured wallets back in the day. I was able to find an impressive selection of patterned and coloured Duck Tape at the neighbourhood Walmart, but to have some idea of what’s available, check out the Duck Tape webpage here. There’s a whole line of Disney inspired Duck Tapes, not to mention Minions and Sponge Bob. Of course there’s Elsa and Anna Duck Tape.

Now a bit about Friday’s recipe. Friday nights are pretty casual at our house. It’s the end of the week, so time clear the fridge of leftovers by offering them as a dinner buffet. But I like to try out one new simple recipe to jazz things up a bit.

This week it’s cranberry turnovers, made from a recipe at the Food Network site. Looks delicious, yes? They were.

I’ll keep you posted!



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