Crocheting 101: Changing Yarn Colors in a Project

Nobody likes the detail work that finish a project. Stitching pieces together, hiding yarn ends, and blocking projects. They’re the equivalent of filing papers if you have an office job. A bit tedious.

But these are the finishing touches, the final bits that make the difference between a project that’s well done and one that looks amateurish.

There are two common ways of joining yarn and hiding ends when you’re changing colors. I’ve done both, but I definitely have a preference.

The first way is simply by fastening off the yarn of the first color, making a slip knot into the project with the second color and drawing up a loop through both the stitch of the first color and the loop on the hook. I’d wager that’s how most people do it. But it leaves untidy ends that must then be sewn in to the work.

The second way, my favourite, is to drop the old yarn, pull up a loop of the new color and work the row as usual, but for one exception. I snip the old yarn and work it in – along with the tail end of the new color, as I continue the row. I’m effectively sewing in the ends as I work.

It sounds simple, but it took me an embarrassingly long time to figure out.


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