Crocs for an 18″ Doll

This weekend’s craft was such a blast. Crocs for dolls.

I bought this Crocs pattern off Pixie Faire (designer Miche Designs) a few weeks ago and finally settled in to make them. This is a no-sew pattern.

The instructions clearly say to read to the end before starting, but I have a hard time visualizing – I have to work the project. I did three shoes before I ended up with one I liked. Once I figured out the little fixes that worked for me, the shoes worked up quickly and easily. Each shoe looked better than the one before, so I expect to replace the above photo with a better one soon. 🙂

A few tips that I discovered the hard way:

  1. Have good tools. I started with a simple hole punch and hand eyelet tool, but quickly became frustrated with their limitations. After the first shoe, I packed up and went to Michaels where I used a 40% off coupon to buy a Crop-a-Dile combined hole punch and eyelet tool. This worked much better!
  2. The eyelets really bite into soft foam and separated quite easily. I solved this by applying a small dot of hot glue to each end of the heel piece and sticking it firmly to the shoe.

As I say, this was a fun project and I plan to make many pairs of shoes for the Littles in my life.



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