Are You a Crafty DIY-er?

Me. I am.

Faithfully, every Friday, I head over to Pixie Faire’s Freebie Friday page and add yet another pattern to my growing pile. Pixie Faire is where I found Miche Design‘s clogs for 18″ dolls. Freebie Friday is an excellent way to be introduced to a designer’s style. Do you love their patterns? Are their instructions easy to follow and understand? A freebie introduction is the perfect way to decide if you and the designer are a good match.

So, what brings me to blog about them today? Tomorrow’s freebie.

It’s a Mary and Laura Ingalls’ (ala Little House on the Prairie) set of dress patterns depicting life in frontier North America. Love it! I already have a pattern or two from this designer, Thimbles and Acorns, and am delighted to be able to add this one to my collection.

Pixie Faire’s offererings aren’t limited to clothing or just to sewing. Knitters, crocheters, and crafters of all kinds can find projects here ranging from period piece costumes to modern bags for dolls.

There’s only one drawback to this shop. Stopping. Seriously. I can’t wander out to look around without wandering out with a new pattern.


Pillowcase Dresses for Dolls & Girls

So, spent a chunk of the weekend working on pillowcase dresses for my two granddaughters and one American Girl doll. Picture above, though I hope to replace it with one soon of all three recipients wearing their dresses.

I was going to make these outfits for the first week of school, but now I’m thinking the colors make them good gifts for a Disney vacation. I got the material from Fabricland, just enough left in the bolt to make two kid dresses and a doll dress.

The pattern for a pillowcase dress is fairly standard and can be found at lots of places online, some free, some paid. This particular pattern came from Pink Poodle Bows. Depending on your sewing skills you might be able to do one on your own (without a pattern). The headband pattern came from Punky n Munky – excellent, easy-to-follow instructions – and I got a great price and shipping rate from Hairbow Center for headband blanks, which delivered the goods within a week, a rare thing given that I’m located in Canada.

I love the pillowcase dress look for young girls. Lots of flexibility and room to move, adorable look, and very easy to work up.

Etsy at Glenbow: A Fabulous Opportunity for Alberta Artisans

For me, it’ll be a chance to unveil the Western outfits I’ve been working on for our little family of 18″ dolls. Pictures to come of coonskin* caps, jeans, chaps, cowboys hats, boots, and period piece dresses.

*No raccoons were harmed in the making of this craft project 🙂

In the meantime, here are the details from Etsy:

Etsy is teaming up with Glenbow Museum in Calgary to offer our Alberta sellers the unique opportunity to create new products inspired by their vast collection of art and artifacts.

Glenbow’s collection represents Western Canadian art and culture, both as a repository of important cultural history but also as a living record of contemporary life in this part of the world.

… If you think you would be inspired by Glenbow’s collection, and if you would love to see your product stocked in their shop. Please submit this short application form by September 2, 2016.

Interested? You can find the application form here.

More Shoes than Arnold Churgin

A girl doll can never have too many shoes.

So this week’s kick was shoes. I’d mentioned in an earlier post that I’d finally gotten around to using the Miche Design crocs pattern from Pixie Fairie and, omigosh, I’m obsessed. I love the look of the shoes, but getting the look just perfect is taking some time. The picture above highlights some of my mistakes, but each pair looks better than the last. No matter. It’s tons of fun.

And, an added bonus, this week’s Freebie Friday on Pixie Faire is a pair of Miche Design lace-up boots. They’re sewn so you’ll need some sewing skills, but maybe this is the time to learn! Check out other Miche Design offerings here.

I’ve put these boots on my to-do list and will keep you posted on how they turn out.

Crocs for an 18″ Doll

This weekend’s craft was such a blast. Crocs for dolls.

I bought this Crocs pattern off Pixie Faire (designer Miche Designs) a few weeks ago and finally settled in to make them. This is a no-sew pattern.

The instructions clearly say to read to the end before starting, but I have a hard time visualizing – I have to work the project. I did three shoes before I ended up with one I liked. Once I figured out the little fixes that worked for me, the shoes worked up quickly and easily. Each shoe looked better than the one before, so I expect to replace the above photo with a better one soon. 🙂

A few tips that I discovered the hard way:

  1. Have good tools. I started with a simple hole punch and hand eyelet tool, but quickly became frustrated with their limitations. After the first shoe, I packed up and went to Michaels where I used a 40% off coupon to buy a Crop-a-Dile combined hole punch and eyelet tool. This worked much better!
  2. The eyelets really bite into soft foam and separated quite easily. I solved this by applying a small dot of hot glue to each end of the heel piece and sticking it firmly to the shoe.

As I say, this was a fun project and I plan to make many pairs of shoes for the Littles in my life.


Because Who Doesn’t Love a Sock Monkey?

Ok, the last four weeks I’ve been on a sock monkey tear. My granddaughter’s birthday is coming up and I’ve decided to theme some doll clothes and accessories for her American Girl doll (Annabelle).

At first, it was just going to be a sock monkey stuffie for the doll. But, as with so many projects, the sock monkey idea soon went wildly out of control to include these sock monkey patterned items: jacket, blanket, hat, leggings, scarf, purse … really, the ideas were coming in faster than I could buy wool for the projects.

The beauty of sock monkey is that the color scheme is so uniquely linked to … well, work socks and sock monkeys. Just using the colors will imply sock monkey so it’s easy to use a basic pattern and just alter the colors to reflect the sock monkey idea.

Of course, nothing says sock monkey like an actual sock monkey. Below are pics of some of my creations, some available on Etsy as the finished product, or as patterns (or both). I hope you enjoy the pictures (and the spirit of sock monkey) as much as I enjoyed creating these outfits and accessories for Annabelle.

Freestanding Sweater and Hat      front 2 brick background_CROPPED      thumb_IMG_0426_1024

Ear Piercing – Yes or No?

Yes please.

This weekend the local Masterminds store is offering free piercing and free earrings for Our Generation dolls. I’m a big fan of free and have been thinking about getting Evelyn’s ears pierced anyway.

Alternatively, I’ve thought about piercing her ears myself. Directions and tutorials abound on the Internet. Here are a few video tutorials if you think you might want to attempt it yourself:

Off to Masterminds to get her ears pierced …

… and now back home with Evelyn’s ears pierced:

Ear Piercing1

And I have a new beauty salon and sewing room kit:

Ear Piercing 2

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THE SEWING ROOM. Can’t wait to set it up.