Because Who Doesn’t Love a Sock Monkey?

Ok, the last four weeks I’ve been on a sock monkey tear. My granddaughter’s birthday is coming up and I’ve decided to theme some doll clothes and accessories for her American Girl doll (Annabelle).

At first, it was just going to be a sock monkey stuffie for the doll. But, as with so many projects, the sock monkey idea soon went wildly out of control to include these sock monkey patterned items: jacket, blanket, hat, leggings, scarf, purse … really, the ideas were coming in faster than I could buy wool for the projects.

The beauty of sock monkey is that the color scheme is so uniquely linked to … well, work socks and sock monkeys. Just using the colors will imply sock monkey so it’s easy to use a basic pattern and just alter the colors to reflect the sock monkey idea.

Of course, nothing says sock monkey like an actual sock monkey. Below are pics of some of my creations, some available on Etsy as the finished product, or as patterns (or both). I hope you enjoy the pictures (and the spirit of sock monkey) as much as I enjoyed creating these outfits and accessories for Annabelle.

Freestanding Sweater and Hat      front 2 brick background_CROPPED      thumb_IMG_0426_1024


The Heat is ON – Grill Accessories for Your 18 Inch Doll

Ok, maybe I’m a little obsessive.

After my last post on the grill out for my granddaughter’s doll to celebrate July 4th (we’re Canadian, but ANY excuse for a cookout!), I couldn’t stop looking at accessories to go with the outfits.

First step? The grill, of course. Here’s a step-by-step Youtube video on exactly how to make that grill yourself.Written instuctions can be found here.

Paper plates and cups? Find a how-to video here. Written instructions for the plates here, and written instructions for the cups here.

What’s left? Food, of course! Find the directions for a pitcher of lemonade here and hamburger (the DIY video is for a lunch tray that includes a hamburger, but I think you can adapt it for a grill). Stay tuned, I’ll be adding more as I discover them.

Edited to add: here’s another burger tutorial.

Not the crafty kind? A full up bonafide American Doll campstove and food is available here at the AG store, and you can purchase a chef’s grill outfit from Etsy.

full shot  AG Grill Outfit   full shot

Please note, we are in Canada, so allow for plenty of shipping time if you order a grill outfit for July 4th (or any other special date).

July 4th Cookout: Not Just for Humans Anymore

Eeeeeek! My sister just made a series of grill outfits (apron, chef’s hat, grill mitts) for 18 inch dolls. My favorite – and the one I’ll likely buy or steal for my granddaughter’s doll – is the featured image above.

It got me thinking about what kinds of accessories (and by accessories I mean food, grills, etc.) would be available to either buy or make. I’m big on DIY for gifts, but realistic about my skills and competencies.

Available on Etsy here is a bonafide American Girl doll grill, and at a reasonable price, in my opinion. Unfortunately, it’s only available in the United States, but the upside for American readers is that the shop does custom orders of its products. No 18 inch doll need go without her very own grill this Independence Day.

It was a little difficult to tear myself away from this shop – Lemon Bay Doll Co – which markets itself as making adventure toys for 18 inch dolls. Some seriously cool stuff here. The grill is part of the Adventures in Camping section, which also features a picnic table, a picnic basket, and – ERMAGHERD! (my daughter hates it when I say that) – backpacks and bedrolls!  I. Want.

This site also features an Adventures in Boating and Adventures in Gardening that are just gorgeous. Full disclosure: I have no idea who this person is and have never seen the shop before today, BUT I WANT TO BE THEIR BEST FRIEND.

Independence Day Designs

Ok, it seems like July 4th is still a ways off. But in the world of crafty it’s already late to be prepping for a day of this magnitude.

I’d intended to have a full range of patriotic outfits for the dolls belonging to the Littles in my life, and two months out, I think I’m close to being ready. In addition to those made for my own Littles, here are a few either available on Etsy, or soon to be up on Etsy. Enjoy!

Independence Day Dress         Shirt & Shorts

Cardigan and Headband for 18″ American Doll

I love, love, love this pattern.

Purchased from PrincessOfCrochet on Etsy, this is probably the pattern that turned me into an instant fan of designer Holly Fields (Princess of Crochet).

I played around with the pattern a bit, changing up the size of the cardigan and using a slightly different pattern for the ribbing. Holly’s directions are simple and easy-to-follow and I loved the outcome.

Projects for dolls work up fast and that really warms my instant-gratification heart. I loved this pattern so much, I finished three in as many days. I chose Patons Grace Yarn for two and  Patons Silk Bamboo for the third. Like most crocheters, I often select my yarn on the feel of it and I love both these yarns. The Silk Bamboo has a lovely soft feel (as its name implies) and the Patons Grace finished product gives such a gorgeously clear look to the pattern. I was very pleased with the performance of both yarns for this project.

Some of these will go up on my Etsy shop, and a few were earmarked for the Easter baskets of my granddaughter and niece.

Item Detail: My projects are made to fit American Girl, Our Generation, Journey, and Maplelea dolls.

Poodle Collection

This loop stitch was a favorite of mine years ago and has recently come back into favor for my granddaughter’s American Girl doll. The loops give it such an amazing texture and look.

It’s a yarn-eater, though. 🙂

For people new to crochet, the loop stitch can be a bit of a challenge, but once you get the hang of it, your project will move along nicely.

Here is a picture of the sweater and boots I made for my granddaughter, also available on Etsy:


And if you would like to give the project a try yourself, here’s the pattern, also up on Etsy.

A Disney Crochet List for Grandmothers

Okay, I say Grandmothers because I am one. But seriously, if you know a Little (or a Big) who loves Disney, take a look at this list I put together.

Making a Treasury list has proven to be a pricey proposition for me. While compiling the list, I couldn’t help but put a bunch of these into my shopping cart. Ah well, they are incredibly cute and there are always birthdays and holidays just around the corner.

Also. Crossing my fingers that a family trip to Disney is in the works for this September.

Check my list here. These are all patterns, but some of the shops include finished products.

Below are some of my favorites: