Christmas – Week 2

Footie PJ_AG

And part 2 of the Christmas pajama marathon. You can read about my pajamas-for-people pick (I love me some alliteration) here. I’m not done yet, but I’m ahead of schedule.

This week I’m working on a footed pajama pattern for dolls from Matilda’s Closet. I love, love, love Matilda’s Closet and own so many of their patterns. Patterns are available in both pdf and paper form. I chose the pdf version of the Footie Pajamas for 18″ doll pattern available here.

At this point, all of our dolls are the 18″ size: American Girl, Maplea, and Our Generation. Between me, my sister, and my granddaughters we have eight. So. Lot’s of pajama models.

It’s an unwritten rule that all family PJs must match. Or sort of match. I can’t post pictures or details until after December 24th in the hoped-for-but-unlikely event that my kids and grandkids are reading my blog posts. 🙂

So until December 24th, just know that the family picture will feature a whole lotta people and dolls dressed pretty much the same.

For now, let me share my experience with this particular pajama pattern from Matilda’s Closet.

As I mentioned earlier, this is not my first pattern from Matilda’s Closet. So, as expected, these footed pjs sewed up quickly and without problem. Footed pjs might just be my go-to pattern from now on for pajamas. There’s not many pattern pieces (for this pattern, only the front, back, foot tops, foot bottoms, collar and cuffs) and so both cutting and sewing are super quick and simple.

There’s a zipper which sometimes intimate new sewists. In all honesty, I found that, after doing a few zippers, they are actually quite simple.

TIP: The cheapest place I’ve found zippers here in Canada is from Cleaners Supply, which also has a presence in the U.S. Fast, cheap shipping as well!

I used anti-pill fleece from Fabricland for the body and feet of the pajamas and rib knit from L’oiseau for the collar and cuffs. The pattern asks for fabric with lots of 4-way stretch, but I found this fleece worked fine.


Are You a Crafty DIY-er?

Me. I am.

Faithfully, every Friday, I head over to Pixie Faire’s Freebie Friday page and add yet another pattern to my growing pile. Pixie Faire is where I found Miche Design‘s clogs for 18″ dolls. Freebie Friday is an excellent way to be introduced to a designer’s style. Do you love their patterns? Are their instructions easy to follow and understand? A freebie introduction is the perfect way to decide if you and the designer are a good match.

So, what brings me to blog about them today? Tomorrow’s freebie.

It’s a Mary and Laura Ingalls’ (ala Little House on the Prairie) set of dress patterns depicting life in frontier North America. Love it! I already have a pattern or two from this designer, Thimbles and Acorns, and am delighted to be able to add this one to my collection.

Pixie Faire’s offererings aren’t limited to clothing or just to sewing. Knitters, crocheters, and crafters of all kinds can find projects here ranging from period piece costumes to modern bags for dolls.

There’s only one drawback to this shop. Stopping. Seriously. I can’t wander out to look around without wandering out with a new pattern.