More Shoes than Arnold Churgin

A girl doll can never have too many shoes.

So this week’s kick was shoes. I’d mentioned in an earlier post that I’d finally gotten around to using the Miche Design crocs pattern from Pixie Fairie and, omigosh, I’m obsessed. I love the look of the shoes, but getting the look just perfect is taking some time. The picture above highlights some of my mistakes, but each pair looks better than the last. No matter. It’s tons of fun.

And, an added bonus, this week’s Freebie Friday on Pixie Faire is a pair of Miche Design lace-up boots. They’re sewn so you’ll need some sewing skills, but maybe this is the time to learn! Check out other Miche Design offerings here.

I’ve put these boots on my to-do list and will keep you posted on how they turn out.


Crocs for an 18″ Doll

This weekend’s craft was such a blast. Crocs for dolls.

I bought this Crocs pattern off Pixie Faire (designer Miche Designs) a few weeks ago and finally settled in to make them. This is a no-sew pattern.

The instructions clearly say to read to the end before starting, but I have a hard time visualizing – I have to work the project. I did three shoes before I ended up with one I liked. Once I figured out the little fixes that worked for me, the shoes worked up quickly and easily. Each shoe looked better than the one before, so I expect to replace the above photo with a better one soon. 🙂

A few tips that I discovered the hard way:

  1. Have good tools. I started with a simple hole punch and hand eyelet tool, but quickly became frustrated with their limitations. After the first shoe, I packed up and went to Michaels where I used a 40% off coupon to buy a Crop-a-Dile combined hole punch and eyelet tool. This worked much better!
  2. The eyelets really bite into soft foam and separated quite easily. I solved this by applying a small dot of hot glue to each end of the heel piece and sticking it firmly to the shoe.

As I say, this was a fun project and I plan to make many pairs of shoes for the Littles in my life.


Because Who Doesn’t Love a Sock Monkey?

Ok, the last four weeks I’ve been on a sock monkey tear. My granddaughter’s birthday is coming up and I’ve decided to theme some doll clothes and accessories for her American Girl doll (Annabelle).

At first, it was just going to be a sock monkey stuffie for the doll. But, as with so many projects, the sock monkey idea soon went wildly out of control to include these sock monkey patterned items: jacket, blanket, hat, leggings, scarf, purse … really, the ideas were coming in faster than I could buy wool for the projects.

The beauty of sock monkey is that the color scheme is so uniquely linked to … well, work socks and sock monkeys. Just using the colors will imply sock monkey so it’s easy to use a basic pattern and just alter the colors to reflect the sock monkey idea.

Of course, nothing says sock monkey like an actual sock monkey. Below are pics of some of my creations, some available on Etsy as the finished product, or as patterns (or both). I hope you enjoy the pictures (and the spirit of sock monkey) as much as I enjoyed creating these outfits and accessories for Annabelle.

Freestanding Sweater and Hat      front 2 brick background_CROPPED      thumb_IMG_0426_1024

Crocheting 101: Changing Yarn Colors in a Project

Nobody likes the detail work that finish a project. Stitching pieces together, hiding yarn ends, and blocking projects. They’re the equivalent of filing papers if you have an office job. A bit tedious.

But these are the finishing touches, the final bits that make the difference between a project that’s well done and one that looks amateurish.

There are two common ways of joining yarn and hiding ends when you’re changing colors. I’ve done both, but I definitely have a preference.

The first way is simply by fastening off the yarn of the first color, making a slip knot into the project with the second color and drawing up a loop through both the stitch of the first color and the loop on the hook. I’d wager that’s how most people do it. But it leaves untidy ends that must then be sewn in to the work.

The second way, my favourite, is to drop the old yarn, pull up a loop of the new color and work the row as usual, but for one exception. I snip the old yarn and work it in – along with the tail end of the new color, as I continue the row. I’m effectively sewing in the ends as I work.

It sounds simple, but it took me an embarrassingly long time to figure out.

Ear Piercing – Yes or No?

Yes please.

This weekend the local Masterminds store is offering free piercing and free earrings for Our Generation dolls. I’m a big fan of free and have been thinking about getting Evelyn’s ears pierced anyway.

Alternatively, I’ve thought about piercing her ears myself. Directions and tutorials abound on the Internet. Here are a few video tutorials if you think you might want to attempt it yourself:

Off to Masterminds to get her ears pierced …

… and now back home with Evelyn’s ears pierced:

Ear Piercing1

And I have a new beauty salon and sewing room kit:

Ear Piercing 2

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THE SEWING ROOM. Can’t wait to set it up.



Tips and Tricks for Disney World’s Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique Reservations

We’re planning a Disney cruise in December and thinking a stop at Bibbidi Boppidi Boutique the morning of the cruise might be the best way to board the ship in fine style.

A Little WDW Magic

Tips and Tricks for Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique Reservations

Bibbidi Bobbidi what? Disney World has 2 Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique locations: one in Downtown Disney and the most coveted reservation inside Cinderella’s Castle in Magic Kingdom. As all in park attractions and distractions, valid theme park admission is required.

So what is it? One word for it is AMAZING! Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique (BBB) is a makeover for princes and princesses ages 3-12. There are varying packages and prices based on your budget, but the experience is excellent nonetheless. Your princess will be paired up with a fairy godmother to make her dreams come true!

Some tips and tricks to get you in the door, choosing the best reservation and preparing before arrival:

Making your reservation:

  • Booking begins 180 days prior to your arrival. If you are an advanced planner and have your Disney World resort reservation or package reservation made by that point, you have some advanced opportunity to book…

View original post 726 more words

Dinner & a Craft: Cranberry Backpack

This blogpost kicks off my “Dinner & a Craft” series, wherein I attempt to merge my love of food and crafts in some kind of integrated manner. 🙂

It’s Monday night and time to work on a new project to wow the visiting Littles on the weekend. I’m venturing away from crocheting today to attempt a project I’ve seen and loved from the blog of Doll Diaries. Lots of fabulous ideas here, but the one that caught me immediate attention was the backpack.

Duck Tape Backpack

First a bit about Duck Tape. It’s come a long ways since I was making my own pewter coloured wallets back in the day. I was able to find an impressive selection of patterned and coloured Duck Tape at the neighbourhood Walmart, but to have some idea of what’s available, check out the Duck Tape webpage here. There’s a whole line of Disney inspired Duck Tapes, not to mention Minions and Sponge Bob. Of course there’s Elsa and Anna Duck Tape.

Now a bit about Friday’s recipe. Friday nights are pretty casual at our house. It’s the end of the week, so time clear the fridge of leftovers by offering them as a dinner buffet. But I like to try out one new simple recipe to jazz things up a bit.

This week it’s cranberry turnovers, made from a recipe at the Food Network site. Looks delicious, yes? They were.

I’ll keep you posted!